International Workshop

for COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community

Communiqué (Draft)

The Korea Innovation Foundation organized the ⟪International Workshop for COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community⟫ in cooperation with experts from innovative organizations for three days from 24th to 26th November 2020.

The advancement of information and communication technologies has triggered many of the socio-economic changes that have created the foundations of the digital age across society, which has enabled the development of the fourth industrial revolution and resulted in fundamental changes throughout the life of humanity. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has further catalyzed and accelerated social change. There is broad agreement that the global problems facing modern society, such as vulnerability to infectious diseases, environmental pollution, and climate change, as well as opportunities such as democratization of knowledge and greater equality, diversity and inclusion will further influence economic, social, and political change with consequences for all individuals in society.

It is widely recognized that in facing these challenges and building on the opportunities is likely to influence how the everyday life will resume following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Responding to the  ‘New Normal’, that will emerge will require the representatives of governments, universities, research institutes, science, technology parks, companies and society to work together to continue to strive to meet the UN challenges.

Those representing these institution in society that have virtually gathered in this workshop to discuss effective countermeasures to the COVID-19 crisis and to prepare together for the post-corona era have agreed to establish an international collaborative community in the New Normal society to co-operate across the boundaries and borders that define societies to respond to the global issues and immediate challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. We also fully acknowledged that we have to promote sustainable development based on science, technology, engineering and social science to support innovation in the New Normal society.

For the sustainable development and prosperity of humankind in the post-corona era, we agree to support and cooperate in ensuring that the agreements made through the Communique of the International Workshop for COVID-19 and Sustainable Innovation Community can be implemented.



While recognizing:

  • The global challenges, such as infectious diseases like COVID-19 pandemic and environmental problems, can threaten humanity again in the future. Establishing a disaster response system and a resilient social system should be conducted as national tasks without any delay;

  • To overcome the challenges in the new normal society which has been brought by the 4th industrial revolution and COVID-19 pandemic, we must establish close international cooperation and experience exchange as an essential strategy to promote sustainable development;

  • Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, we have faced challenges and opportunities in industries and job markets due to the 4th industrial revolution wave. The COVID-19 pandemic combined by climate change is further increasing the challenges of responding to socio-economic polarization;

  • We must promote sustainable development driven by innovation based on science, technology, engineering and social science. For that, we need to build an innovation community at the international level.

We hereby resolve:

  1. Along with climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided an opportunity to emphasize the need for a stable disaster response system and common standards in all countries and regions. We agree to actively participate in establishing an international cooperative system to cope with global disasters together;

  2. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the ICT-based non-contact activities will be extended more, giving businesses and industries a new opportunity. We agree to share our experiences and further cooperate among innovation communities to adjust to the changing future and prepare for it together;

  3. The use of intelligent information technology, big data and artificial intelligence, which are the critical technologies in the evolution toward smart society, has been widely extended in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. We agree to contribute to building an international innovation community by sharing policies and experiences in building and utilizing intelligent information technology and big data;

  4. The advancement of cutting-edge technologies and broad utilization of big data due to the COVID-19 pandemic are feared to violate privacy bringing the monitoring society. We agree to strive to utilize technological innovation only as a tool to enrich the life of  humanity;

  5. Climate change is a global challenge that all of humanity is facing, and it is predicted to have a frequent pandemic situation over and over. We agree to actively support the development and utilization of eco-friendly technologies for sustainable development.

We consent to comprehensive collaboration on building an innovation community aiming to promote regional development based on science, technology, and innovation, improve humankind’s quality of life, and create a sustainable society by continued collaboration on implementing the agenda of action and sharing information and experiences.


26th November 2020